5 expected effects from replacing the showerhead

expected effects

Conserves water by 30 – 60%

Softrong’s independent and patented product that completely breaks away from existing water conservation methods!

Fine water spray plates are processed through micro machining. As such, the amount of water discharged is reduced, conserving up to 60% of water. Compared to other companies’ atmospheric pressure suction system showerheads, can expect 10 – 20% water conservation effects.

Strongly increases
water pressure by 2.5 times

Uses less water,
But has a stronger water stream?

With a concave, square water spray plate less than 0.25mm within one side, brings about an increase in water pressure 2.5 times more than a general showerhead.
These fine holes maintain a water pressure of 2.4kgf/㎠ even with low water pressure. Water sprays from the entire plate, enabling effecting cleansing despite low amounts.


Reduces energy for
environmentally friendly effects

Saves up to 60% of fuel costs through water conservation effects


Saves water by up to 40% compared to general shower heads. Conserves gas usage for hot water and has other energy reduction effects. Creates less water wastes, contributing to environmental protection, and greatly reduces costs for purification.


Emits 200 times more negative ions than a waterfall

Vitamin micro bubble anions within the air

Due to strong water stream from specially processed holes, emits 200 times more negative ions than a waterfall. (Lenard effect)


What is the Lenard effect?

The Lenard effect is often referred to as the waterfall effect. It explains how negative ions are generated as water falls from high places. The energy converts to electrical energy that is applied into water molecules.

Soft but strong well-being massage showerhead

A well-being showerhead that helps blood circulation and is also effective against balding, sensitive skin, or atopy.

The world’s only uniquely hole-shaped arrangement combines powerful multi-hole water streams into one, so the user can enjoy a soft but strong massage. The massage effect properly stimulates the scalp and skin, helps blood circulation, prevents hair loss and promotes skin elasticity.

The fine filter in the middle of the showerhead blocks foreign substances, helping people with sensitive skin or atopy to enjoy a safe, well-being shower.

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