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Warranty Services and Request

Softrong Warranty Services Center

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Business Hours |9 AM to 5 PM [Except weekends and holidays]

(+82) – 2 – 453 – 3110

Warranty Services Center Operating System

The following is Softrong’s warranty services system.


Submit your warranty service request


If you send us your product,


We will check the delivery status,


proceed with our warranty services,


and send you the serviced product.

Please check the following before contacting the Warranty Services Center.

You can avoid unnecessary inconveniences by checking the following information.

1 year after purchase date

1 year after purchase date

Warranty Services

Please submit your warranty services request to (+82)-2-453-3110.


Duration of warranty service period ay vary by product condition. However, it usually takes an average of 2 – 5 days. In special cases, we will contact the customer.

Final Decision

Products sent to Warranty Services will be examined and determined for repair, exchange, or refund. If we are unable to come to a final decision at HQ, we will request a third party organization (such as a consumer group) to come to a decision.

Softrong Warranty Services Request Form

Please provide accurate information and contact information for a quick response.

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