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Homes with relatively low water pressure


Homes with relatively high water pressure


Yes ,a large amount of anions are produced.
Softrong Showerheads have fine holes and is the only patented technology in the world with polygonal hope shapes that maximize water dispersion.

Amount of generated anions vary depending on water pressure.
Softrong showerheads received an accreditation certification from an institution regarding the following:
Homes with around 1kgf/cm^2 (homes with weak water pressure) generate around 230,000/cc of anions.
Homes with around 3kgf/cm^2 (homes with strong water pressure) generate around 480,000/cc of anions.

*Anions are effective for boosting physiological activation.
Anions are generated when the water fall exceeds 50m. The amount of anions in a big waterfall is about 2,000/cc.
20% of anions are absorbed by breathing and 80% are absorbed through the skin.
When Softrong products are used in home showers and kitchens, the home becomes full of anions that are generated by waterfalls.

Disassembling Method

  1. Hold the body and cap of the Softrong product and twist it counterclockwise.
  2. Rotate it counterclockwise about 1cm to remove the cap.
  3. Removing the cap removes the water spray plate.
  4. Remove the filter plate after separating the water plate.
  5. Scrub the water spray plate and filter with a toothbrush.
  6. Reassemble in reverse order so that the protruding part of the filter is facing the spout (outside).
  7. Make sure the silicon ring is in place before the splash plate combination.

Softrong’s Unique Strengths

*Softrong’s Unique Strengths
Softrong has fine holes, and it actually prevents clogging and other hygiene-related problems.

  1. Softrong can be disassembled and can be cleaned anytime.
  2. Frequent cleaning can maintain the quality of the showerhead for years.
  3. Frequent cleaning can remove bacteria and Escherichia that grow in certain temperatures and humidity inside the showerhead.
  4. Ground water can contain many unwanted substances such as limestone to build up in the showerhead, but it can be cleaned easily in Softrong.

As mentioned above, Softrong completely solved the problem of showerheads with larger holes that leaked and broke down after just one year of use because it could not be cleaned. Softrong also added amazing water saving rates and cleaning massage functions.

Permanent Filters

*Softrong shower filters are permanent and do not need to be replaced.
Softrong’s exclusive patented filter allows the user to clean it and use it right away.

We currently carry products for the bathroom and kitchen.







Remove the existing showerhead with your hand by twisting it. Twist the Softrong product into place for an easy replacement.

The types of shower heads are detailed below. Take a look at the types of shower heads you are currently using, and then purchase the product.

Standing shower head
– This is a showerhead for showers that are fixed onto a bathroom wall (without a hose).

Sitting-type Showerhead
– Used in most households.
– Can connect to the shower hose.

Softrong products are environmentally friendly. They are made to satisfy customers who were concerned about their water pressure.

Replacing the showerhead with Softrong showerheads increases water pressure by 2.5 times.

If there is no change to the water pressure after purchase, call the Softrong customer center to receive a consultation. After doing so, you can replace your water spray system.

*The user must pay for delivery charges related to water spray plates.

● Softrong Customer Center: (+82) – 2 – 453 – 3110


Warranty Services

This happens frequently.
During a shower, hot and cold water combines in the showerhead.
Softrong has a lot of internal pressure. When strong water pressure pushes against weak water pressure, the water will not flow from the weak areas.

The following is the solution.

  1. 1. Find the flat scews that adjust the cold water (left) and hot water (right) on the lower part of the gear that turns the water on and off.
  2. 2.If the hot water is not coming out, turn the right screw to the left to open the hot water. Or, turn the cold water screw (left) to the right to lower the water pressure for cold water.
  3. 3. If the cold water is not coming out, turn the left screw to the left to open the cold water. Or, turn the hot water screw (right) to the right to lower the water pressure for hot water.

Make these types of small adjustments for proper shower temperatures.

*Opening the hot water does not mean you will be using more hot water. Softrong hot water showers reduce water and gas fees to less than 40% of general shower heads.

Softrong products are covered under warranty for 1 year after the purchasing date.

Free repairs
– Products that are still within the 1 year warranty
– In case of faulty products

Paid repairs
– Products that are still within the 1 year warranty, but have been damaged due to customer carelessness
– Products with purchasing dates that exceed 1 year

* Customers will cover delivery fees.

Although we supply the parts free of charge to customers for up to 1 year, we cannot cover delivery charges. This is because it will negatively affect our businesses, and we would not be able to offers warranty services at all. We ask for your understanding.

* In case of paid repairs, repair fees depend on types of warranty services. For detailed repair fees, please contact the Softrong Warranty Services Center.

Softrong A/S Inquiries: (+82) – 2 – 453 – 3110

How to receive warranty services

① Please contact Softrong Warranty Services Center to apply for warranty services.
② Please send us the product that needs repair along with repair related information and contact information. If necessary, a representative will contact customers individually.

*Warranty services may differ based on product condition. On average, it takes 2 – 5 days for repairs. In special cases, the customer will be contacted.

● Warranty Service related inquiries: (+82) – 2 – 453 – 3110
● Business hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

The intensity of Softrong products’ water pressure depends on the shape of the water spray plate.
The same products can use water spray plates interchangeably. You can buy them separately and use them after replacing the existing one.
*To order parts, please visit:


Regarding bulk purchases

Softrong’s greatest strength is that it enhances water pressure in any situation.
Sofrong is simple and effective technology.
This technology increases water pressure for enhanced cleansing effects through fine hole injection.

For example, imagine taking a sip of water and spitting out the water with your mouth open slightly, compared to spitting out the water with your mouth open wide.
When washing a car with high pressure water, just one bucket of water is enough for cleaning the entire engine.

However, just pouring many buckets of water is not enough to wash the engine.
When are fine holes enough?
No. When dispersion holes do not match the fine holes, the feeling of the shower and cleansing will not be optimal.

Softrong has acquired international patents for its world-class water conservation technology.
Softrong can increase water pressure in any situation.
Softrong is a showerhead that can optimize the worst shower conditions and any equipment without any limitations.
Softrong is an essential showerhead technology for coping with nationwide water scarcity.

This is how you can make bulk Softrong purchases.

If you would like to make bulk purchases, please call our business inquiry center or inquire our Softrong bulk purchase representative.

Bulk purchase representative: (+82) – 2 – 453 – 3110

* You can make bulk purchase by speaking with our bulk purchase representative. We will check the water pressure conditions of the location that the product will be used, and prepare proper water spray plates for the water pressure.

If you need warranty services,

If you need help with Softrong products, please click the button below to visit the relevant page.
Softrong is doing its best to develop technology.

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